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This pair of 1960s lights are in super condition with only minor signs of wear. The cartouches feature a stylized design of the serpent in the garden of Eden and the Apple tree. The metal is dull blue and copper. The top features a frosted glass diffuser.

Einer Bäckström was a Swedish architect and designer known for his contributions to modernist design during the mid-20th century. He was particularly active in the 1950s and 1960s, and his work often encompassed a range of design disciplines, including architecture, furniture, and lighting.

Bäckström's designs were characterized by their clean lines, functional simplicity, and an emphasis on practicality. He often utilized natural materials and a minimalist approach, reflecting the Scandinavian design ethos of the time.

Erik Höglund (1932-1998) was a Swedish artist and designer known for his versatile contributions to various artistic disciplines, including glass art, sculpture, and design. He played a significant role in shaping the Swedish design landscape and gained recognition for his innovative approach and experimental techniques.

Höglund's most notable work is in the realm of glass art. He was associated with Kosta Boda, a renowned Swedish glassworks company, where he began his career in the early 1950s. He became known for his ability to push the boundaries of glass as a medium, experimenting with forms, textures, and colors. His glass pieces often featured bold and imaginative designs, merging traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary and artistic sensibility.

Höglund was instrumental in reviving and popularizing the ancient Swedish technique of graal glass, which involves layering and carving glass to create intricate patterns and imagery. His graal pieces are highly collectible and are considered masterpieces of glass art.

Aside from glass art, Höglund also designed other objects such as furniture and lighting. He was part of the innovative design scene in Sweden during the 20th century and contributed to the country's reputation as a hub for modernist design.

Erik Höglund's work is characterized by a blend of artistic creativity, craftsmanship, and a deep appreciation for tradition. His legacy continues to influence contemporary glass artists and designers, and his pieces are sought after by collectors and art enthusiasts around the world.

Signed on top bar. One securing screw in the ceiling cover missing, but this doesn't affect its use.

Pair of Einer Bäckström / Erik Höglund pendant lights

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