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What do you need to know?

Do you offer courier delivery?

If it's not possible to arrange collection from Cheshire or for me to bring it to you (or meet half-way) then I could courier small and medium-sized chandeliers, but they can be fragile and I can't guarantee that all the crystals would be in the right place when it arrives with you.

Are the chandeliers PATS tested?

I test the chandeliers for electrical continuity - ie whether there is any contact between the wires and the metal structure. This is effectively a PATS test, but I'm not a qualified electrician so you may want to get your electrician to test it before you install.

What do you do?

With each chandelier, I identify any missing parts or damage, and each part is carefully cleaned - if necessary, missing or broken parts are replaced with authentic, period-appropriate components.

Once the cleaning and repair process is complete, the chandelier is reassembled and all wiring and lighting components are checked to ensure they are functioning properly. 

Because these chandeliers are delicate, I prefer to deliver in person, or arrange collection from Cheshire.

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